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Beautiful Word Clock


Word clocks are reasonably popular things to make with the DIY crowd. A well-made word clock is a beautiful thing. But, if you’ve ever looked at any instructions on how to make your own, you quickly realise that it’s a huge amount of work.

Recently I came across a small company based out of Vancouver Canada that makes & sells word clocks. These things are gorgeous. What caught my attention was their unusual features. One is the full-colour text. They use RGB LEDs in their clocks so you can have any colour text you like, including constantly changing colour. Which is really pretty cute. (I shamelessly stole the above photo from their website.) Another cool feature is its wireless interface with an app for your phone. An app for a clock?? You don’t have to use it (there are buttons on the back of the clock), but the app makes it easy to set the time, change the colours, etc. It’s a clever idea, particularly if you mount the clock on a wall.

If you want to take a look, their website is here:

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