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If Apple Wins We All Lose

I’m not generally one to repost articles and links to articles – you won’t find much of that on my blog. Nor am I particularly pro-this or anti-that when it comes to technologies, brands, companies, etc. I have Apple products and non-Apple products. I’ve used various flavours of Mac OS, of DOS, of Windows, of Unix, of Linux, and much more. It’s all good to me.

However, I’m not agnostic when it comes to the on-going development of technology. I’ve been in this business long enough to realise that every new development builds upon the back of some new development before it. Like kicking steps up a snowbank, making each new step upwards requires you to stand in the step you’ve got. That’s the way innovation and technology develops, and it’s critical for everyone that this is able to continue.

Gizmodo recently posted this article:

If Apple Wins We All Lose

Yesterday’s news that courts had ruled against HTC in favor of Apple was a tidy little victory for Apple. But HTC is just an initial skirmish in a much larger fight. The real war is against Android, and if Apple wins that, we’ll all lose…

It’s well worth the read. Many patent systems and legal systems around the world are increasingly allowing existing “technology holders” to supress and quash the development of new evolutionary technologies. The USA is the most obvious example of this, but it’s certainly not the only one. And the trends indicate this problem is getting worse – not better. Truely, when it comes to anti-competitive behaviour and legal policies, this is an area where indeed, “we all lose”.

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