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New Web Site Look


This weekend I updated the themes (and more) of a couple of websites: this blog, and my main site at

This blog was using an old theme (from 2007) and Google no longer liked it. Google has been pushing to make all sites be mobile friendly, also called “responsive”. My old blog theme was not responsive and so it failed Google’s test. This new theme passes easily.

Updating the main site was a bigger task. The main site was not previously built using WordPress. It was built using something called CMS Made Simple. Which was great, and I was pretty happy with it for years. However it was not responsive either. I looked into upgrading to the newest version of CMS Made Simple. However, when I entered the CMS Made Simple homepage into Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Tool, the CMS Made Simple website failed. That pretty much said it all. If their own website fails the test, what chance would I have? So I migrated everything to a new WordPress install, and now my main site is on WordPress too. Unfortunately switching to a new CMS did result in some links being broken.

So right now there are still a number of broken links, which I still need to fix. I also plan on doing some redirects, so some of the old links will automatically direct to the new pages.


Links have been fixed and some redirects have been placed. Please email me if you come across a broken link anywhere.

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