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Cloudflare For The Win

Although this is a fairly low-traffic website, it still gets visitors from all over the world. I use low-cost web hosting based in North America, which historically means my international friends tend to see slow performance when accessing the site. I’d often thought it would be nice to fix that. And now, thanks to a free Cloudflare account, it’s tremendously improved.



Cloudflare provides CDN (content delivery services) for existing websites. They have a variety of accounts, starting at zero cost. And happily, the free account is very useful and powerful. For simple use, which is this kind of website, it’s really not limited at all.

Cloudflare has a bunch of servers scattered around the world, with high bandwidth links between them. They provide website caching, so basically this website is being served up to you by whichever cloudflare server is closest to you. Folks outside of North America have told me this site is noticeably faster. For free! I like it. I like it a lot.

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